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Screen Beans - Cartoon Stick People Clip Art

Screen Beans: cartoon stick people clip art characters that are compact, resizable, editable, and very lovable and useful.

A Bit Better Corporation
A sampling of Screen Beans, delightful little characters that are just right for adding a touch of insight or humor to your Web page or presentation.

Screen Beans
The little stick figures, or rather bean figures, are vector-based files that can be downloaded in WMF format for use in PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, or other document creating programs, or downloaded as a transparent GIF for use on Web pages.

The images from the Freebie and the Bean sample page, shown below, are linked to the various collections that are available for purchase.

The image below is from the Office Life Collection.

fastpace.gif - 1.8 K

The Spam graphic shown below is from the Business Communication Collection.

spam.gif - 3.6 K

Motivate, shown below, is from the Managing People Collection.

motivate.gif - 1.2 K

In the Sales and Marketing Collection you will find the Announcement image below.

anncment.gif - 1.8 K

The image shown below is from the Sports & Recreation Collection.

snorkler.gif - 1.9 K
How to Download
Terms of Usage

All sample graphics in this feature have been used with the permission of A Bit Better Corporation.

Bundled collections are available, or you may order just the individual collection that you may need, such as The Mental Health Collection or the The Holidays and Seasons Collection.

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