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Back To School Clip Art


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ABC Page Header
Clip Art of an ABC Header
Dixie Allan

Here you will find clip art suitable for back to school projects as well as school projects throughout the year. There will be a new image on each page and below is a list of what to find. Enjoy!

Page 1 - ABC Page Header
Page 2 - Back to School Page Header
Page 3 - Back to the Books
Page 4 - Boy with his Backpack
Page 5 - Chalkboard
Page 6 - Desk Globe
Page 7 - Microscope
Page 8 - Pencils in a Cup
Page 9 - Ready to go Back to School
Page 10 - School Bus
Page 11 - School Supplies
Page 12 - Spelling Bee
Page 13 - Stack of School Books
Page 14 - Test Tubes
Page 15 - US Map with States and Capitals
Page 16 - Gnome Painting the School
Page 17 - Wooden Pencil

States and Capitals Printables

Practice printing and cursive writing printables

School Clip Art


Clocks and Timepieces

How to Download Images

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