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Make A Table Centerpiece Using Clip Art


How To Make A CenterPiece Using ClipArt
Make A Table Centerpiece Using Clip Art
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Here is another way to use those nice background clip art images and keep your children occupied when they ask "What Can I Do Mommie ?

  • Plastic Eggs (You can use plastic Easter eggs or one piece plastic eggs found at many craft stores)
  • White Glue
  • Clear Spray Sealer (Krylon spray finish works well and can be found at craft stores or just about any store that sells paint.}
  • Mod Podge (or make a mixture of one part white glue and one part water)
  • Printed sheets of Clip art background images.
    1. After your printed sheets of clip art have dried, spray them with a clear spray sealer to prevent the ink from running.
    2. If using a plastic egg that comes apart, glue the plastic egg together and let it dry.
    3. Tear your sheets of printed clip art into small pieces (the smaller, the better to wrap around the egg to prevent folds and creasing).
    4. Apply Mod Podge in small increments to the egg and apply the tissue paper to the egg making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.
    5. After the entire egg is covered with the torn pieces of paper, apply Mod Podge over the paper covered egg and let dry.
    6. Your eggs are now ready to put into a nest, a bowl or a clear glass container. You now have a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

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