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Clip Art of Mittens
Dixie Allan

Although the official history of mittens is unknown, popular American folklore states that the mitten was first invented by George Washington at Valley Forge. Although there is no proof that the mittens were created there, it is certain that they were used during the campaign, and some of these historical mittens can be seen on display at various museums.

Mittens are a style of glove that covers the entire hand but does not have separate finger sheathes. Mittens are popular in cold areas, because bundling the fingers together in a single sheath increases warmth. Mittens are also very popular with children as their design makes it easy to get on their hands.

Although mittens only come in one shape, there are several different styles. The most popular is the wool or yarn style and they are usually handcrafted and made out of a spun fabric. These mittens are great for general use, but if you are planning on handling snow, they can get soggy. Sport mittens are usually made of water-resistant material and often have warm insulation material inside. These mittens are somewhat expensive, but well worth it if you build snowmen.

Many people believe that mittens are primarily for small children and are generally not available from adult retailers. However, this is far from the truth as several prominent brands such sell adult-sized mittens.

So when you get cold, give mittens a try. You will be sure to win the snowball fight!

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