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Winter Clothing


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Winter Clothing
Clip Art of A Winter Scarf and Hat
Dixie Allan

Here you will find clip art of a winter hat and scarf. On Page 2 you will find clip art of a winter coat.

The earliest form of winter clothing was composed of animal products such as leather, fur and wool. In the 19th century, people of means wore simple-to-fabricate garments like woolen greatcoats, leather boots and fur-lined cloaks; simpler folk often resorted to layering their few garments in addition to adding knitted wool apparel. These textiles have stayed in heavy use for winter apparel up until the modern era. With the addition of 3M's Thinsulate® apparel insulation in the 1970s, along with synthetic cold-weather fabrics like polar fleece, cold-weather clothing has become cheaper, lighter and simpler to produce.

For most Americans in the North, winter clothing means thick socks, chunky woolen scarves and closed-toe shoes. In other parts of the world, cold-weather clothing might be a pair of "ice pants" combined with a super-thick goose-down jacket. Much of what makes winter clothing unique is fabric and composition - cold-weather apparel is made to trap heat and insulate against the cold. Because of the increased workmanship and more expensive textiles, winter clothing is more expensive than warm-weather garments.

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