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Senior Citizen Clip Art Links

View senior citizens clip art of women, men, grandmothers and grandfathers, older people, and other seniors clip art.


Put grandfather in the subject line to find clip art of of grandfathers. Subscription site.

Clips Ahoy

Browse pages of senior citizen clip art that includes a woman getting mail, a woman in a rocking chair, a senior man parasailing, a senior man walking, etc.


Find senior citizens clip art. Most are heads and shoulders, but there is one image of a senior woman and man sitting on a chair.

Fotosearch Seniors

Find clip art of senior citizens. Commercial site.

Grandmother Clip Art

Find an image of a grandmother that may be downloaded.

Microsoft Office Online: Senior Citizens

Find clip art of elderly men and women that includes a man and woman hugging, an elderly man with a birthday cake, an elderly woman painting, and other senior citizens.

Old Man With Can

Buy an image of an old bent over man walking with a cane. Commercial site.

Senior Citizen Painter

Find a woman senior citizen artist painting a picture. Commercial site. Free 14 day download trial available.
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