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National Hug Your Cat Day


National Hug Your Cat Day
Clip Art for National Hug Your Cat Day
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June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day. Are you a cat fanatic or do you know someone who is? Well then today there’s a reason to celebrate. Show your purring, cuddling friend some love and affection in honor or National Hug Your Cat Day.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were revered and even worshiped as symbols of grace and poise. Take a cue from the Ancient Egyptians and put your cat on a pedestal! It’s definitely a great opportunity to thank your cat for all those times he or she has curled up next to you after a long day.

Did you know that showing your furry friend some affection can actually reduce anxiety? It is a proven fact that hugs from animals can lower a person's blood pressure and decrease stress. So go ahead, give your cat a nice, big hug!

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