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Olympics Clip Art Links

Olympics summer and winter games clip art


Locate and download Olympics clip art of the summer games, the winter games, torches, sports, and other Olympics graphics.

1. Awesome Clipart for Educators

Browse black and white Olympics clip art of rings, torches and Olympics sports images.

2. Clipart Today

Locate men holding the Olympic torch. Commercial site.

3. CoolClips

View Olympics clip art of torches and men running with the torch.

4. FotoSearch

Find clip art and silhouettes of the Olympic stadium, skaters, speed skaters, hockey player, hurdle jumper, torches, Olympic sports icons, Olympic medals, and other Olympic related graphics. Commercial site.

5. iClipart

Find Olympics clip art of torches, buttons with olympic sports images, an arm holding a torch, and other Olympic related clip art. Commercial site.

6. Kids' Turn Central

Download cute teddy bears dressed in Olympic summer sports costumes that includes Basketball, Archery, Fencing, Badminton, Sailing, Wrestling, and other Olympics summer sports images.

7. Top End Sports

Find a hand holding an Olympics torch with orange and gold flames.
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