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On-site Clip Art


A list of all the original on-site clip art sorted into major categories, including animals, hobbies, people, sports, and travel. Find any and all clip art here!
  1. Animals Clip Art
  2. Awareness Ribbons
  3. Backgrounds / Borders
  4. Business / Office
  5. Easter
  6. Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa Clip Art
  7. Valentine's Day
  8. Education / School
  9. Fantasy and Mythical Beings
  10. Food / Beverages
  1. Hobbies - Toys
  2. Holidays / Events / Special Occasions / Seasons
  3. Home / Garden
  4. Medical
  5. People / Weddings
  6. Printables and Things To Make Using Clip Art
  7. Social Media Icons
  8. Sports
  9. Transportation

Animals Clip Art

Locate original on-site clip art of various types of animals. Pets, wild animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and more.

Awareness Ribbons

Clip Art of Awareness Ribbons

Here you will find clip art image files of the most common awareness ribbons as well as the history of awareness ribbons and the causes the colors represent.

Backgrounds / Borders

Backgrounds that includes tiles or full backgrounds, seamless backgrounds, borders, and border sets.

Business / Office

Business clip art sample

Browse original and on-site clip art related to business and office life.


Clip Art of a Brown Bunny

Here you will find clip art of Easter Baskets, Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks, Religious Easter Clip Art and so much more.

Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa Clip Art

Here you fill find images of Santa Claus, Wreaths, Holly, Reindeer, Santa's Elves, Christmas Trees and Decorations, Hannukah clip art, Kwanzaa clip art and so much more.

Valentine's Day

Clip Art of A Heart Banner

Here you will find free clip art for Valentine's Day. Hearts, Cupid, Candles, Wreaths, Flowers Banner and so much more.

Education / School

Locate original clip art of school related images. This includes computers with facesn sun and moon clip art and more for teachers to use in class.

Fantasy and Mythical Beings

Clip Art of a Unicorn

Examine original on-site fantasy horses and unicorns.

Food / Beverages

Clip Art of a Toasted Sandwich

Browse clip art of all types of food and drink. Don't get too hungry while you're here.

Hobbies - Toys

Here you'll find clip art of toys, feathers, music, hobbies and more.

Holidays / Events / Special Occasions / Seasons

Clip Art of a computer with Christmas Gifts

Use this resource to find the on-site clip art for holidays, events, and special occasions.

Home / Garden

Home and Garden Clip Art

View nature clip art, as well as homes and cities.


clip art of a Nurse

Examine any and all art related to the medical field.

People / Weddings

Clip Art of a Hisipanic Boy and Girl

Download original clip art of all types of people, as well as anything that people wear or use along with wedding clip art.

Printables and Things To Make Using Clip Art

Clip Art for Lead-In for Animal Masks

Here you will find clip art of things you can make using clip art. Lion Masks, Tiger Masks, Printable Fans, Printable Masks, Paper Beads and so much more.

Social Media Icons

Here you fill find icons that can be used for social media sites, personal websites or blogs.


Sports clip art sample

Scrutinize original clip art of everything sports!


Clip Art of a Hot Air Balloon

Check out original images of anything transportation and travel related. Travel by air, rail, vehicle or water.

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