1. Technology

Tools Clip Art and Industrial Supplies, and Equipment

Browse tool clip art and equipment and building supplies, heavy duty equipment, work equipment, and other building supplies, equipment, and tool images.

Andrew Sain's GraphX Kingdom

Browse tool icons of hammers, tool boxes, a battery, drills, lawn mowers, screw drivers, a mop and pail, tool sets, and more.

Axe Clip Art

Locate a page of axe clip art that includes various sizes and kinds of axes, including ancient axes, a native american with an axe, wood chopping axes, and clip art of other axes.

Barry's Clip Art Server

Browse a large selection of household supplies and tools, including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, a turnscrew, and more.

Clip Art Warehouse: Tools

View pages of small icon tools that includes a flashlight, tool boxes, knife, hammer, drill, and more.

Clips Ahoy: Repair Clipart

Find a hammer and nail, a man using a tape measurer, and other tools used for repair.

Clips Ahoy: Cleaning Tools

Locate cleaning supplies, such as brooms, dust pans, mops, etc.

CoolCLIPS: Industrial

Browse iindustrial workers and equipment that includes clearing a log jam, car mechanics, automobile assembly line, etc., plus construction workers and equipment, farming, and more.

Hassle Free Clip Art: Tools

Find tools and hardware clip art that includes drills, chisels, flashlights, saws, nails, screwdrivers, pliers, work boots, a blow torch, lawn mower, drill bits, and more.

Kelta Web Concepts: Tool Clipart

Find tool clipart that includes an axe, chisels, screwdriver, hammer, drill, C-clamp, nails, circular saw, mallet, work bench, spray gun, hacksaw, drill press, and more.

School Clip Art: Construction

View construction clipart, including a man carrying a board and a man building a brick fence, and more. These graphics may be used for educational purposes.

Waste Prevention Clip Art

Black and white images of trash, leaves, compost, garbage truck, cans, buckets, junk mail, yard sales, and more, that may be used in your home, office, and community for producing waste prevention materials of your own, (noncommercial use only).
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