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Modes of Transportation


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Modes of Transportation
Clip Art of a Hot Air Balloon
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There are many types of transportation in our world today. The various modes of transportation for passengers include traveling by car, traveling by bus, traveling by motorbike, traveling by boat, traveling by plane, traveling by train, and in some remote areas of the world, traveling by horseback or by foot.

Transportation has definitely come a long way. In the past, transportation was much more restrictive, much more demanding in time, and many times required the assistance of animals. The pony express was one of the fastest methods of letter delivery in the centuries past in our country. If you wanted good shipped from another state, it wasn't until the advent of the train that this became common place. Prior to the train, shippers had to rely upon the wagon to transport goods.

What follows is clip art devoted to transportation. Each page will have links to images associated with the title of the page. Enjoy!

The page titles are as follows:

  • Page 2 Airplanes, the Biplane to the Commercial Jet
  • Page 3 Cycles - the Tricycle to the Motorcycle
  • Page 4 Motor vehicles - the Truck to the City Bus
  • Page 5 Watercraft - the Rowboat to the Yacht.
  • Page 6 Rail - The Freight train and the Passenger train.

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