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How to Use Clip Art

Learn How to Use Clip Art


Clip art is used in many ways and for many purposes on Web pages. When clip art is used to enhance your Web site and to illustrate your Web page content it creates an inviting and interesting source of information or entertainment.

Backgrounds and Bordered Backgrounds:
Web page backgrounds can be a solid color or can be a patterned, textured, designed, or even animated. A tile or full backgound covers the entire Web page. A Bordered background has a pattern or design down the left hand side or along the top of the Web page. Triple borders, or frames, have two or three different designs that frames the entire Web page, leaving the middle of the page for your content.

Linebars or Dividers:
A line used to separate content. A linebar can be thin or think, long or short, and may be a line decorated with clip art, or may be a row of clip art images.

Balls or other small shapes that are used to draw attention to a specific area, to highlight a specific group of text, or to set apart a list of items. Bullets are normally small in size and can be any color or shape, including round balls, diamonds, check marks, squares, and other images.

Titles or Banners:
Used at the top of a page to proclaim the name of the Website or the Website topic. A title can be a plain text font, text decorated with clip art, flash animation, or any other designed title, header, or banner.

Borders or Corners:
May be used at each corner of a page for decoration, or used around photographs or photos.

Frames may be used around a photograph or images, or the edges of a printed page for decoration.

NOTE: Listing photographs as clip art is disputable. I believe the following uses of photos can be considered as clip art.

Photo Objects:
When specific images or subjects are cropped from a photograph, the background changed a solid white color, or transparented. Photo objects are sometimes called realistic clip art.

Photo Clips
When a photograph or a portion of a photo is cropped and resized for use on Web pages. The cropped and resized photo might also have a drop shadow added.

Photo Art:
When a photograph or a portion of a photo has been changed by using a graphics program filters, lightings, and artistic textures to create an enhanced or different looking image.

Photo Clip Art:
When a photograph or a portion of a photo has clip art added to the photo to create a uniquely different photo.

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