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Transparent Backgrounds and Transparent Clip Art
Learn how to turn clip art backgrounds transparent and how to turn a photo background transparent using Paint Shop Pro versions 4 and 5.

This special GIF 89a format to make backgrounds transparent, which works for Web pages, will not be suitable for desktop publishing applications. If you need a GIF or JPG image to match your desktop publishing card, calendar, or other project, you will need to color the background to match whatever you print the image on.

Before you begin, press Edit. The first choice under the pop up menu is Undo. If at any time you hear yourself muttering, "Ooops!" then, stop! Using Edit, Undo will only undo the last thing you did in PSP.

Paint Shop Pro 4.10 - Web Graphics
Web Graphics, either in GIF or JPG format will be fairly easy work with as, hopefully, they will have a fairly plain background to start with.

1. - File, Open, Look In.
2. - Locate the image you want to make transparent.
3. - Left click the image name with the mouse. Open.
4. - Colors, Increase Color Depth, 16 Million Colors
5. - Look at the image. Find a color that is NOT in the image.
6. - Left click on the TOP square just below the color rainbow on the right side of PSP.
7. - Click on any color that is NOT in the image you are working with. Click OK.

This will change that small top box to the color that you clicked on.

8. - Left click on Flood Fill (paint bucket with a drip of paint).
9. - Click on the background of the image you are working with.

This will change the background of the image to the color you chose.

10. - If the background has several colors you will need to click on each colored section of the background until the entire background is of one color.
11. - If the background contains any color that IS IN THE IMAGE, do the following steps:
12. - View, Zoom In, 2:1 (or increase the image until can work with the image in comfortably.
13. - Left click Paint Brush (the singe brush), Brush type: Normal, Size: 1, Paper Texture: None.
14. - Using the paint brush, carefully paint the background all the same color. Increase the Zoom In if you need to.
15. - When the background is all one color do the following:
16. - View, Normal Viewing.
17. - Left click with mouse on the bottom square under the rainbow of colors (right hand side of PSP.
18. - Again, choose a color that is NOT in the image. This could also be the color you chose to paint the background with.
19. - Left Click on the Magic Wand (diagonal stick with a light on the end of it).
20. - With the Magic Wand click on the background color of the image.
21. - Hit the computer keyboard delete key.

If you chose a color different from your background color, the entire background will now change to this new color.

22. - File, Save As, Options.
23. - Make sure that "quot;Set transparency value to the background color"quot; is checked. (a little dot in the center) If not click to check it. Click OK.
24. - Choose the folder or directory you want to save your image in. (Top of the Save As box)
25. - In the File Name line, type the name of your image. Choose something different so that you have the original and the transparent image just in case.
26. - Save Type As: Click on the little arrow by this line and choose GIF - Compuserve.
27. - Sub Type: Click on the arrow and choose Version 89a - Noninterlaced. 28. - Click Save. Click on YES to decrease the color depth.

Try your transparent clip art on several different colors of background to ensure that you have indeed turned all of the background area into a transparency.

Paint Shop Pro 4.10 - Photograph

Photographs may have a multitude of background colors and, if so, you may need to View, Zoom In and using the paint brush, carefully paint around the image being careful not to paint any part of the image itself out. Use a color that is not in the image. Once you have outlined around the part you want to keep, increase your brush size and continue to paint the background one color.

Now follow the steps above to turn the background into a transparency.

Paint Shop Pro 5.0

1. - Turn the background of the image a solid color-- a color that is NOT in the image itself.
2. - Left click on Colors, Decrease Color Depth, 256 Colors (8 Bit)
3. - In the pop up menu make sure that Palette - Optimized Median Cut, Error diffusion and Reduced Color Bleeding is checked. Click OK.
4. - LEFT click on the eyedropper.
5. - RIGHT CLICK on the background color of the image.
6. - Colors, Set Palette Transparency, Set the transparency value to the current background color. Click OK.
7. - Colors, View Palette Transparency. (Now you should have a checkered pattern in all the background area).

If there is an area of the background that is NOT checkered, click on the Magic Wand, then click on the background area that is NOT checkered and hit the computer keyboard delete key. This should now turn that area into a checkered area.

8. - File, Save As.
9. - Choose the folder or directory you want you transparent image Saved In. Give your image a name in the File Name line and choose CompuServe Graphics Interchange (*.gif).
10. - Click on Options. Click on 89a. Click on Noninterlaced. Click OK.
11. - Click on Save.

You will need to follow each one of these steps EVERY time you want to make a transparency.

Try you transparent image on several different colors of background to ensure that you have indeed turned all of the background area into a transparency.

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