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Winter Clip Art Links

Find winter clip art of animated images, icons, and backgrounds, plus children in snow, snow scenes, snowflakes, and other winter images and clip art.

Celeste's Holiday Graphic Collection
Find two snowflake buttons and two snowflake lines.

Cute Colors: Winter
Click on Free Cliparts, then click on Cliparts Sets, and then on Winter for children and a snowman Welcome title, a boy and a girl with a Christmas tree, boy and girl snow dividers, and more.

Grandma's Graphics
Find winter pictures of children sledding, playing in the snow, winter snow scenes, building a snowman, and other winter scenes.

Holiday House: Winter Scenes
Find a selection of winter scene border sets.

Kids' Turn Central
Cute boy and girl teddy bears dress in winter clothing with snowboard, skis, snowshoes, a teddy sitting with a snowman, and a teddy bear fishing through a hole in the ice.

School Clip Art: Snowflakes
Find a small selection of snowflakes that may be used for educational purposes.

School Clip Art: Winter
Browse a clipart selection of winter snow scenes, children and snowmen, a man ice skating, and more. These graphics may be used for educational purposes.

Tabby Cat Treasures: Winter
Locate cats dressed in winter clothing that includes mittens, hats, and scarves.

Winter Clip Art
Cursor down the page a bit to find winter clip art of a snowman, a boy on a sled, a girl in snow, a girl making a snowball, a girl skiing downhill, and other winter images.

Winter Scenes
Locate black and white winter scenes of buildings, snow, and trees, plus a boy shoveling snow, a covered bridge, some snowmen, and blue snowflake patterns.

XpectMore Winter Clip Art
Locate a man on a snowboard, a woman on a snowboard, snowflakes, snow scenes, and more.

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